Meditation 1
Heath Houston

Anger is real. It has value. It is toxic and never meant to be held. It arrives giving notice for a need to respond, but it is primal and terribly stupid, mostly seeking destructive, primitive responses.

As it rises, notice its source, its true source, not the blame, not the target it recommends for destruction. Once noticed see our connection and the things for which we need to take responsibility. Pause to find love enough to move forward. Inhale and exhale passing time with each breath, moving forward and out of the morass of hate or anger, always seeking to release toxins to the healing, Divine nature which is our Essence, and in that process mindfully intend for Divine Intent to manifest. Rest and breathe with no plan seeing each part moving towards its higher potential. Find some peace, find some art, find some fellowship. Rise and move into better space and time. Build that community.

We are love, seeking its perfection, in a sea of choices, some poor, some better, some unimportant.

If it is Love it is already done: the rest is just the world shaking out the lies.

I love your heart and the art that flows from you. Thank you.

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