Because Of Love


Because of love,

We touched,

Life’s blood reaching,

Across Space & Time,

Always creating,

Happier endings.

Because of love,

Persisting against fear,

Walls of Impossibility,

We held our ground,

Shredding the lies,

Of relentless Loneliness.

Because of love,

We hoped,

Seeing Now once more,

Fresh and clean,

Ignoring Past advices.

Because of love,

We suffered,

A million hurts,

Banished by Real Truths,

Felt but not understood,

Promised but still unborn.

Because of love,

We tried,

Falling, failing,

Running and returning,

Because no bricks are home,

To hearts lost and alone.

Because of love,

We live,

Abandoning Angel’s Wings,

For hunger and tragedy,

One kiss worthy,

Of an eternity of sacrifice.

Because we love,


An excuse for Gravity,

And a universe dancing,

Between Darkness & Dawn.

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