Calling The Light


If I call the Light at dawn,
It comes,
No magic,
Simply good timing.
If I call the Light at night,
It comes,
Revealing hidden images,
Piercing a veil of darkness,
Not magic,
But Grace,
A Gift for every heart.
If I call the Light,
It comes,
Opening my eyes,
Caressing empty ears,
Whispering a new dawn,
A day for celebration,
As Love flows,
Bright and lively,
Long dead seeds awaken,
Reaching for a sun,
They can not see,
Feeling Warmth’s Promise,
Deep in darkness,
They reach for Heaven,
Not magic,
But Love’s gentle promise,
A possibility for greatness,
As darkness dances,
With the Song of stars,
And Indigo skies,
Burn red and pink,
Blurring the line,
Between Science & Magic…
I turn,
Walking east,
In search of friendship.
If I call the Light, it comes.
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