31 Things That Will Happen When You Finally Decide To Live Your Dreams
Benjamin P. Hardy

Each heart holds a song. When we bind or silence or twist that deep purpose, we lose integrity. We lose “wholeness.” And the whole world falls a bit in its absence or distortion.

Once we compromise our inner voice, we become battered as we bounce back and forth seeking stability from outside agreement. Outside agreement is a poor substitute for the deep foundation of integrity. We will never be truly happy or at peace because we know we are broken and incomplete. We will long for friends that can’t find us because we are not singing the song they seek. We will think we need agreement to have power or success. And fear and anxiety will be our focus.

And success is such work. And really hard if we work that way.

But if we sing our song? Fear will rise and twist our voice, but if we sing, people will hear, and we become stronger. They will come. And together, with open hearts, a bit of grace, and the love that propels open hearts, a #HealingCommunity rises, connects and does things we believed were impossible.

That #AscensionLiving is the only way to find the world we seek.

Really nice, detailed piece. Thanks so much!

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