Healing At The Speed Of NOW


The Healer left;

Banned by birthplace,

A citizen of Heaven,

Forbidden to heal.

Policies passed,

In days long gone,

Binding her hands;

Chains of words,

Crushing her breath,

Squeezing her heart,

Until tears flowed,

In quiet, remote places.



Violating Divine Gifts,

Penalties for Love.

Time would pass,

Leaving old ideas,

And bones which held them,

Dead and buried,


By worms and fungi.

Dead hands lose their grip,

And freedom comes.

New Now rises,

Love manifesting,

New Possibility,

As she returns,

Free to walk,

Free to sing,

A community of Life.

Lay your head in her hands,

Both are safe,

Both can Be,

Healing comes gently,

As a world turns,

Flying through space,

All at the speed of NOW.

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