In the darkness:

Past the day’s light,

I hear him breathe:

Each breath,

Marking time,

An endless stream:

A River of Possibility,

Navigated by Choice,

Freedom’s game,

Powered by love…

In the darkness,

I hear him breathe;

Easier to expire:

To let go,

Air flowing back,


At the end of breath:

He chooses to inhale,

Feeling his effort,

Seeing his Choice,

Knowing it is less fear,

More Joy of presence,

Making each breath a gift:

One without space,

But not without limit,

Made special in scarcity…

Receiving his gift,

I smile,

Remembering each touch,

Feeling the end is near,

Holding an eternal peace…

For this time,

In this dark,

We breathe together,

Fading into sleep,

Never out of Dreams:

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