I Am Silent

I see a war of words:

Liars raping truth,

Spreading venom,

Ignoring facts,

Muddying waters,

Blocking any view,

Dedicated to death:

Terrified of inclusion…


Never seeing,

Unable to allow truth:

Do they know?

Or are they just afraid?

Where is science?

Where are facts?

Why can’t they look?

Is the truth so painful?

Do the voices of the dead

. call out to them?

Are they blinded by guilt?

Are they haunted by failure?

What binds them to this path?

I am aghast and sad,

A profession professing lies:

Love trampled & lost,

No healing there,

Only the desert winds,

Blowing over corpses:

Their goodness crushed,

Their lives lost,

Nature’s tools ignored,

As a world looked on.

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