Love Lessons & Lost Words

In the “dead” of night,

You awaken me,

Staring at the sky:

A moon covered by clouds,

Still shining its smile;

The moon knows a secret:

Cold but not lonely,

Distant but ever present,


Made known by the sun:

Its partner burning hot,

Lighting the night sky,

Calling us to see Its work,

Asking us to rise:

Possibility beyond names,

Cooperative relationships,

Healing, helping:

A glorious calling:

Always given choices,

To love and live and heal,

Or to deny the Whisper:

Choosing to fight or flee;

Call me, Love, I will come,

See my work in all things,

My language is poetry,

All creation in One Word,



Be still and Know me;

Not a name,

Not a statue,

No Form can hold me,

No rule can bar my Truth:

I Am,


So are you,

I Am and so are we,

Your minds limit and name:

But I smile and then you are,

I come and mountains crack,

Trees sing their happy song;

Let me in,

Come and know me,

Learn the ancient poetry,

Sing only Grace’s Song;

In the dead of night,

Rising to hear my calling,

Longing for the Better Way,

Breathing in a dream,

Breathing out…only Love.


The book of all remedies,

The editor and author,

The Dean of all colleges,

Gives us all a place to be.


Iamatology is a medical word, which means the study of the remedies. I suspect that book is too big for one person to hold let alone know in all its complexity.