Love Lessons

If I smile,

Some smile back:

A world changes…

If I frown,

Some frown,

Others worry…

If I love,

I look:

Opening many doors…

If I love,

We touch:

Growing as we go…

If I love,

I move,

Trusting in the walk…

If we Love,

We heal:

Decision changes all…

If we choose,

Finding Love so real,

Then I Am…

If I Am,

Then You are, too:

What ever can we do?



Love is real. Call it and it comes. Deny it and feel the starvation that follows. To live without love is an abuse of possibility.

Love connects, aligns, empowers and guides us. If we choose love, our lives begin to transform.

Love acts. In these actions doors appear, open and connect us. Fear rises, carrying its million messages, denying love, promising safety in inaction. It paralyzes what love calls.

Play with love. It’s ok. No one owns love. You can’t hurt it. It IS regardless of what you do. No one can patent it. It is free.

Play with some. Observe its effects. Smile and laugh. Weep and fall. Love will come, love will help…

If you choose it. If you persist. If you rise and build communities one touch, one smile at a time.


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