Looking In Love

Love Lessons

How we look changes what we see, what we do, how we live. Each choice begins a time cycle of creation and consequence.

If we are unhappy, it is within our power to change things. The word, “condition” holds the secret in its origins. The root, “con,” means “with,” as in chili con carne. The other root, “diction,” means “agreed upon,” as in dictionary, a book of definitions a society agrees upon in language.

Join the experiment. Simply try. Decide to be angry. Go through your day observing the effect. Takes notes. Decide to be afraid. Watch your body’s response.

Then, decide to love.

To look in love changes us. It allows us to see connection, to see Possibility, it draws us together so that we can choose more productive and wise choices.

Join the experiment.

If it’s Love, it’s done. The rest is just the Universe shaking out the lies.