Of Choice & Consequences


Given Great Love,

Choice enough to learn;

Dancing together,

In an Eternal classroom;

Lessons of Choice,

And consequences,

A million possibilities,

Yet only one lesson;

Will we spill blood?

Will we shatter bone,

An Army of Corpses,

Following twisted teachings,

Making deserts & graves,

Watering withered crops,

By spilling mother’s tears?

Can we see?

Piercing ten thousand lies,

False politics,

Leading us to death?

Love surrounds,

Love penetrates all,

Love is Truth,

Uniting us in peace,

Opening hearts,

Inviting touches;

A sweet path,

Whispering better ways,

Awakening brighter days,

And nights spent in passion.


Image by Leslie M. Lighthouse

Proudly announcing our new book, a collection of 54 pairs of my verses and her color images. All profits go to support holistic veterinary studies and education. Purchase online at http://www.ahvmf.org/index.php/books

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