There stood the Mountain:


A barrier:

Between Here and There,


Its peak lost in silver mists:

Dark shadows hid its secrets,

Howls drifted in night air,

Making hearts shudder:

Thoughts of blood & bone,

Of shaggy predator’s teeth,

Thoughts too dangerous,

Fear-filled every organ:

Making small places “Enough…”

His heart heard the call:

An invitation from There,

A place on the other side,

A place where Love grew,

A calling beyond words,

A desire to seek more…

No one to ask,

No maps or charts,

Guided only by love & need:

Taking what he could,

Departing without a word,

Leaving all behind,

As he climbed:

Looking back only once,

Closing his eyes to Here,

Fixing his heart on There…

And so he rose,

Each step a new decision:

Time passing in motion,

Some successful,

Some leading to dead ends:

Places without answers…

Being Still, calling Love;

Fueled by Necessity & need,

Always rising,

Until he walked above clouds,

Looking down he saw the way,

And so he went:

Love energizing his limbs,

Making motion:

Steps worth taking…

Pain stabbed as he walked:

A reminder of an old Here,

Tugging at his heart:

Remembering “Enough,”

Each a barrier to finding There;

Fear rose and fell,

Conquered by Choice,

Transformed by immediate need,

Days and nights,

Nights and days,

His only companions are dreams,

The real “Enough:”

Love’s calling in rest & in work,

The fire driving his engine…

One day he sat,

Looking forward, towards There,

Looking back, to his old Here,

As laughter erupted;

All encompassing,

Tears running down his face,

As he grasped the dark soil,

Saying only, “It is all Here!”

And… he was finally home:

A place between here & there:

A place & time called, “Now.”