Potomac Flows By

Love Lessons

Ripples wave,

As water passes by,

Fish dart beneath the show:

Summations of motion,

Quietly catching light,

Choreographed by Time;

White light splits,

Colors dance,

No attention on physics,

Beauty and mathematics:

Reminders of the Dance,

As Earth meets sky,

Birds sing evening prayers,

Lovers pause:

Breathless before they meld,

Aged bones rest:

Wondering of Paradise;

Ships sail,

Yachts bob as a wheel turns,

A motion of distraction;

So many views,

So many names:

As time flows by:

Never the same,

Always changing,

A memory waiting for us to see,

A moment just to Be;

Separate, I look,

Breathing in I merge,


Names lost in the moment,

Now, WE ARE (beautiful).

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