Silent Scream

The children sleep:

Dreams unfolding,

Uninformed, unconcerned,

Warm beneath ample covers,

Monsters banished:

Sea shell nightlight,

Standing guard.

A mother sits:

A loving witness,

Perched upon their bed,

Holding deep secrets,

Her sleep disturbed,

A doctor’s words:

Playing in a loop

Nests of cancer

Nestled in her breast,

Their siblings:

Clusters of hell

Concealed in lung & brain,

Tumor cells masquerading,

Telling epic lies…

Mother’s love fills her,


she can’t see the Spring,

Gripped by crushing reality,

Tears flood,

Mouth opens,

The soundless scream rages:

No distraction to their dreams;

Pain cleaves her heart:

Suffering in silence,

The children sleep,

Unaware of Silent Screams.