The Middle Way


Gnarled hand reaches,

Touching a thousand stars,

Stairway to Heaven,

A path of insubstantials,

Some with names,

Few with faces,

All with reason enough,

To swim in a sea of love.

Breathing in and out,

Searching for treasures

. Hidden deep in flesh,

Marking time before clocks,

No second hand needed,

Each name time enough.

Choices & consequences,

Ripples of causation,

Bringing endless tomorrows,

Void of surprises;

Gnarled hands touch,

Releasing memories lost,

Pain and joy entangled,

Undeniable Love & laughter,

Dancing to rolling rhythms,

Darkness recalling

. Light’s first dance;

The beginning and end.

Gnarled fingers seeking,

A middle way of mystery,

One more reason to breathe.



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