A Call for Kindness
Cameron Merrill

The word, “respect,” has its origins in roots which mean, “to look again.” If we love first and look again we may see past the label, past the cartoon, past the propaganda and discover the heart and mind we face. First our own. Then our family who live in this house we call earth.


Love more…

Make that our law. The rest will work its way through in time.

I thank you for this piece. Lately, I’ve been troubled by the professional state of hate being regurgitated across our land. Over the last few weeks, my poetry reflects it, but as you can see from the progression, there is hope. A far bigger game than politics and news, love, is our calling. It’s a challenge worth accepting.

Explain to me:

A justification,

Spilling the blood,

Of Divine children…

Explain the math:

One God,

One Creator,

Theologies spilling blood…

Explain such stupidity:

A poor attempt,

A string of lies,

Destroying tomorrow…

Screw explanations:

Screw borders,

Screw “beliefs that bleed,”

Screw stupid old men…

Don’t explain anymore,

Just find a place,

Build a community,

Give Love some room.

Spirit is a nothing:

Lacking mass or time,

An Eternity of Possibility,


Giving breath,

Creating without need;

A No-Thing,

Smiling behind a curtain,

Watching Some-Things:



A Starlight dancer,

Resting in a Sea of Now.

The dead don’t rest, they fall:

Laying still…a balance lost,

They fade: A threat no more…

Solutions dissipate,

Holding energy loosely,

Sunlight’s loan comes due,

As bugs & worms,

Creep quietly:

Dark’s deconstruction,

The ending team answers,

Earth’s Ancient calling:

An endless loop of time,

As sunlight finds the darkness,

And names forget their places…

No-thing views from Now,

Some-thing rises, fades & dies.

They can not hold the star light:

Far off flames that feed a world,

Fusion: a Becoming & a flare:

Some-thing to behold,

Photons racing:

Flying at the speed of light:

A flash obscuring God’s face,


Now, traveling at the speed of Life:

Possessed, but never owned,

They dance in tiny places,

Enlightening & enlivening,

Until the time-clock fades;

They can not hold the star light,

A Sun that comes and goes,

Their lives, a spinning path:

A game that only Freedom knows.

When we hate

Seeing nothing but destruction



Hearing only words that kill

So sure of our target

Forgetting our own humanity



An empty journey

No healing sought or won

When we hate…

Looking out

He saw

10,000 Angels


And lost

Their game forgotten


Playing something else

Wings hidden:

Soaring no more

Faces masked

Beauty hidden


A lost concept

A trap

Enslaving hearts

Desiring stuff:

An empty substitute

They run 10,000 ways:

Races without winners

Love: a thing of poetry

A game of conquest

A concept

Known no more…

Their power left



In a ditch

Beneath the weeds…

In the dawning

Old music plays

A gentle voice

Whispering their breath

Invites them

Incites them

An unending thirst

Quenched only

By amazing grace…

When Hate reigns:

Its Thunder rings

Women cry

Infants die

Wisdom lost

A terrible cost

“Sides” justifying crimes



Stealing Sacred Breath



A game without a win…

When Hate reigns

The King is far

Reason lost



Spilled & shattered



No dish for Love

Eden falls again

Green fades to Grey

A desert poisoned:

Crying in the night

Sand blows

Hoping to find a home.

Love calls us

Whispering past our deafness

Opening our eyes to see

Infusing 10,000 Broken Things with Hope

In love we find our hearts

In love we find the Will to Touch:

Afraid no more

Love calls us

Its load is light

Life moving in a countless Sea

In love it makes a home

Love calls us

A community of breath

Singing a quiet song

Touching us beyond our names

Releasing our pain

Healing our wounds

Love calls us

A simple thing granting us Life

A dance of things

Knowing their places in Eternity

Love calls us

Offering a choice

A hope of endless Possibility.

For some lovely reason, as a seek a conclusion to this comment, I hear the Beatles playing, “Let It Be.”

And so I shall.