They Touched

They touched:

A simple contact,

As sparks flashed,

Protoplasm singing,

A recognition of Art,

Rising in Time…

A brush of fingers,

Space reducing,

Breath’s warmth,

Preparing lips,

Blood surging:

A contract

. written in action,

Far above any words,

Identities fading:

No longer two,

Now One in Love:

A community Now,

A circle of life,

Light & dark spinning

. Ten Thousand songs,

Rising from First Spark,

Heaven shakes…

Opening their eyes:

He knows her,

She knows him,

No turning back,

Life far more interesting,

Who needs fake news?

They touched again,

Impossibilities Falling,

Energizing dreams:

Greeting friends,

Growing & healing,

A reason for rest,

A reason to rise,

A reason to touch…

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