Tired Eyes

The time of Light shortens:

Technology fighting darkness,

Eyes burning… striving:

An effort to Unsee,

Events witnessed but denied;

Dry Eyes close,

Too old to weep,

Grief their only moisture;

Seeking escape,

They call the night,

Embracing rest,

Convoluted gyrations flicker:

A monkey brain striving,

Afraid of long gone nights:

Calculations of disaster,

A state of constant guarding,

Cells warning,

Atoms alerted,

Seeking attackers:

Ghosts long dead and gone;

As R.E.M. Dreams come,

Blessed by a different night:

A healer & friend,

Embracing all:

A Serenity of Silence,

Tossing fear away,

Bringing love to bear,

Creating games enough:

Excuses for Light to rise,

Nothing more than Creation,

Shining in a new found Day.

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