Virgin Seed


Hidden in darkness,

No fear,

No desires,

Not troubled by cold:

Caressed by eternity,

Holding old secrets,

Memories of the spark…

In the darkness,

Wet & warmed,

Swelling, she stirs,

Moist heat calling:

Irresistible urges,

A charm of Life…

In hidden places,

A stirring,

No whirlwind:

Just a gentle breath,

At the interface:

The Place Between,

The veil of Nows,

Tearing away,

As Now divides,

New identities smile…


Never retreating,

The Light calling,

She bursts forth:

Receiving joy,

Giving everything,

Sun’s gentle touch,

Ever reaching,

She flows into Blood:

A crimson sunrise,

Bright & beautiful…

The passage completed,

A new path begins,

Her flowers:

Banners of Spring,

Enlivening hope again.



On my morning ride I found my mind holding several energies. Lately, I’m being filled with Divine Feminine callings. I’ve met some stunningly remarkable beings that simply swim in this energy.

As I rode north, my nostrils were filled with the heady scents of sea, citrus and fading jasmine. I’d have to be dead not to have those odors stir Spring and its calling to Love & new life. And, so, not being dead, I witnessed this powerful rising spreading gently from nose to lung, from lung to legs, and back up into my whole body. It sort of overflowed back into the world.

Have you ever had sex with the world? I think I did…it seemed like safe sex, too. Lol

And as it did, my face felt the warmth of sunrise…it was straight up erotic. And as I breathed in once again, I looked into the crimson V formed by layers of clouds and red light rising.

Seriously, in that moment I felt sex, the first time sex, the joy of birth, the excitement of Possibility, the yearning for touch. Above, through and below. Not just the physicality, but the Divinity driving Creation.

And my mind went to the seeds sitting underground, the flowers bursting forth…

And then the birds began to sing.

And this verse appeared.

Oh, to breathe…to hear the calling, to reach and touch…to know our roots and heaven all in a moment.




Together, Now manifests remarkable things, and Time has a reason.

To all the amazing women in my life, I’ll just say, “Good morning, how’d you sleep?”


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