When Soulmates Touch

She touched him:

A reminder of greater things,

Her fingers brushed:

Across his neck,

A smile rising on her face;

She knew him —


Something past the failures…

He flinched:

Afraid to break the spell:

Lost in seas so blue,

Flying upon the wind,

His name forgotten…

She held his face:

Eyes saying more than lips,

She touched him…

Neither moved:

Movement was unnecessary,

As lives rushed by:

Pictures —

. of past pain & failures,

Stories whose endings

. demanded so much more…

Swirling decisions

. long forgotten,

Mists fouling the view,


Desired just the same…

Love still lived there:

A unkillable knowing,

Ruling every choice…

She touched him,

Again and again:

Until all that mattered

. were hearts —

. hearts behind

. the touch…

She touched him,

Tears filling blind eyes,


He was “touched” no more,

Healed and whole,

Still and well —

Hands trembling —

He touched her:

The Nightmare ended,

A new dream starting:

The Beginning —

Of new & lovely things.

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