When Tequila Talks


I am nothing.


In endless darkness,

No thoughts distract,

A mind filled with peace…

Happy enough.


No fear worth holding,

No star attracts me.

I am no thing,

Eternity is my friend,

Time, a concept,

Useful enough,

For stories & scripts,

A game of somethings,

But never thrones,

We are not Kings,

We are travelers,

To places we already are,

Battling to gain,


The currency of Spirit,

Trapped in a Game,

So long forgotten,

Automatic & contractual,

“The way we do it,”

No longer just for fun…

Lives rise and fall,

Time’s breath,

Not really life,

Simply a counter,

Proving “reality,”

Nothing more serious,

As wind blows wisps away.

Graves open and close,

Grass grows,

Flowers burst as seed falls

Not one thing

. Changing who I am.

I am,

Whether the sun rises,

Or sets,

I am,

Not because I breathe,

Not because I know,


Because I am…

I see you,

I feel you,

Shall we play?

Watching Suns go dim,

And gravity fade?

Shall we smile,

Holding hands,

Trading salty kisses,

Calling it all Love?

I hope so…

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