When We Touch

If I touch you,

Will you smile,

Power flowing,

Tiny tingles,

Signals of a Future:

Bright & Beautiful?

If you touch me,

Returning Home:

A million reasons,

Lingering slowly,

Watching moonlight,

Greeting sunrise,

For a thousand Nows?

Will you hurt me,

Trapped by affections,

Afraid to speak,

Suffering silently:

A failure of dreams,

Trust betrayed,

Lost in seas of despair?

Love has no time,

No thoughts or worries,

Only Endless Possibility,

A Karma of choice.

I love you,

Deep and calmly,

Past Vitality & Breath,

Past Fear or Anxiety,

So I touch you,

And you touch me,

What comes next?

Images: Leslie M Lighthouse

All rights reserved

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