Wondering & Wandering


I am no prophet,

Calling from the wilderness,

That others might repent.

I sit in boxers,

On green bed covers,

Wondering about a world,

Still spinning through time,

Still holding its secrets,

No change in its direction,

With no need of my words,

Spinning all the same,

If poets chant,

Or priests lament…

Can I change the world,

With sky scrapers,

Trying to reach heaven,

Nothing but targets,

As lightening & Entropy,

Wear all things away?

Can I grab power,

Feeding a million lies,

Creating hate & violence,

Carving up the land,

Borders between games,

Nothing more than history,

A place to cross or die?

Can I change the world,

With Gold embossed pages,

And churches holding wealth,

But hiding Greater secrets?

I wonder…

Experimenting carefully,

Each path a dead end,

Frustration & impotency,

The Truth always there,

Power and simplicity,

Calling intelligence,

To Stillness enough to see.

It came,

Touching me,

Opening my hands,

That swords should fall,

Kissed by moist soil,

Converted to better crops,

Food for heart beats,

And Blood for tissues,

Discovering long lost love,

So powerful,

So Perfect,

Love becomes the law,

Transforming all it touches,

Until we change,

Until we find,

A new Law,

A new Way,

Celebrating the Song,

Inspired to Dance,


. As natural as breath,

Calling New Life,

All before a shower & tea.

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