The reason why it hurts to hear Mike Vick give advice to Kaepernick to “cut his hair” or clean up his look, is because no one tells Polamalu or Matthews to cut THEIR hair. In fact, THEIR hair has garnered them lucrative endorsements and notoriety.

It is an unstated mindset of inferiority, being somehow LESS valuable humans, that has permeated our culture as a result of systemic racism via the control of law making and media imagery.

When you think of crackmother you’ve been led to think black mother and not the millions of white women overdosing at an epidemic rate in several southern and midwest states.

When you hear welfare recipient you are led to think poor Blacks and not the thousands of Hasidic Jews who have been manipulating the welfare system in the pockets of New York State for dozens of years because people of the same last name are the editors and publishers of every major newspaper in America.

We have been taught to do the most damage to ourselves and it seems we never fail at it.

The irony is the very people that become pawns for this mindset of subconscious self hatred have been victimized themselves.

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