Creativity — a necessary prerequisite for success, or an over-rated concept that cannot be learnt? The debate rages on. However, in my work as an academic and in community-building, I have been fortunate enough to work with students and community activists who are truly gifted in terms of creativity.

So, what characteristics do they have that make them stand out from the rest of the population? …

So … we have moved so far from nature — or have we?

I mean, I’m not a spiritual guy. I don’t believe in any higher being, and I certainly don’t believe God or any such concept. And yet … I walk into the forest and I feel peace. Let me fill you in.

I work from home — my work is in community building and education, but when I want inspiration, I head for the forest which is within a ten minute drive of my home.

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(Image by Dr Robert Muller)

Give me the blue sky, the animals running free, the beautiful thick vegetation — even if I’m not trying to create ideas, they come to me when I’m out here. …

Community is one the major sources of resilience as it is within community that the person has the possibility of being nurtured and cared for. Let us unpack this notion of community to gain a better understanding of the precise ways in which strong community can support the building and maintenance of resilience.

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Firstly, community itself is a source of resilience as when people come together, there is an inherent sense of always having someone with the skills, abilities or the desire to help when it is needed. …


Dr Robert Muller

On Kaurna Land; Research Fellow, Disinformation/Nation-State Resilience; Sociologist; Thesis Guide/Editor: &

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