Week 4: Your guidebook to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

I took your challenge and watched the Stossel Report piece (your link doesn’t work) with an open mind. I made it all the way to the 6th minute when he called public schools “horrible government run schools” and then linked them to Russia and communism. I kept watching anyway and heard him imply that student funding of $300,000 per classroom goes directly to teacher salary. Years ago, 60 Minutes perfected the “hit piece” and found it very effective. Stossel’s piece was a sloppy derivative.

Framing the debate over how to improve education as a question of competition and choice is a great lobbying technique for those who seek to profit on public funds. The real challenge in education is much greater than who gets paid. We are wasting time arguing over different flavors of “reform” such as charter schools, vouchers, school choice, and even Common Core curriculum. None of these answer, or even attempt to ask, the question, “what is education for?”

I recently read that Clayton Christensen, author of Disrupting Class, said that students see education as serving two purposes: (1) helping them feel successful and make progress and (2) having fun with friends.

In my opinion, the goal of education (and parenting) should be to prepare the next generation for the future. The problem (as the Arab Spring, Brexit, and the 2016 US Presidential election demonstrate conclusively) is that we have absolutely no ability to predict the future.

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