Men Who Listen (we need more)

Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Mar 9 · 2 min read
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We need to raise more men who listen.

Why? To change the ratio of toxic masculinity to men who drive positive change. As a feminist, I am inspired by the #metoo movement and the growing numbers and volume of women’s and girls’ voices. As a man, a father, a husband, and a Psychologist who has worked with boys and men for two decades, I know how challenging and confusing this new feminist wave can be for men and boys.

While events like the Women’s March give women and girls actions to take (e.g., speak up, vote, get more involved in politics, speak truth to power, etc.), there is not “call to action” (CTA) for men. I would like to offer my own CTA based on my knowledge and experience working with parents (and boys and men).

I was honored to speak about Raising Men Who Listen on the Parent Pump Radio Show and with my fellow altMBA alum Scott Perry on his Facebook Live broadcast below:

The bottom line: we need more men who listen to…

How do we get there?

You can read my initial thoughts here.

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a Positive Psychologist who can’t help but see Wonder Women everywhere he turns. Robert is dedicated to helping working moms (the strongest superheroes among us) upgrade from jobs that suck them dry to careers that feed their souls… and families. His one-to-one program It’s Your Turn launches in early 2019.

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