Parents Like Us

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My mom died two years ago today (September 10, 2015). I can’t believe it has been two years. I feel like I was speaking with her yesterday. We were sitting in her kitchen discussing segregation in schools and how marriage equality was hitting a tipping point across the United States.

Lynn Zeitlin was the smartest person I have ever known. She was a leader, an activist, who put her money where her mouth was. Literally. She gave a ton of money and was a tireless fund-raiser. She knocked on doors and marched for civil rights and lobbied in Washington.

But she won’t get to see my kids graduate from college. She won’t witness the difference they make in the world or watch them follow the trail she blazed. And that isn’t fair.

No, this isn’t a sob story.

The anniversary of my mom dying reminds me why I do what I do.

People die, I know. But we also have the power to live well and prevent illness. My mom did most of the right things and still, she died too young. My father also died young, over 20 years ago. He never even met any of his grandkids.

People die too young in my family. That’s why I am up at 5 every morning exercising, why I meditate twice a day, and why my highest priority is to laugh more with my wife and kids. Taking good care of myself is not a choice. I will live to see my grandkids.

Survival is not my goal, though. It’s just a stop along the way. I take care of myself so I can get my work done. And, no, I’m not talking about a paycheck.

My work is to raise the next generation of leaders.

I believe this is the work in front of every mom and dad. Our kids are on loan to us. Actually, our kids are not really OUR kids. They belong to the world. It’s easy to get attached to them. It’s easy to see your reflection in them. Don’t get caught up in thinking that your child’s outcome is your success or failure.

Parents are Stewards and Leaders. Moms and dads are stewards who take on the responsibility to raise the next generation of superheroes. Parents like us lead by example when we show kids how they can unlock and flex their superpowers.

I know words like superpowers and superheroes may sound fanciful and light-hearted. I’m not making this up. The research on character strengths reveal the ways that “super” powers like kindness, honesty, and curiosity can change the world when they are harnessed and directed. As a Positive Psychologist, I help parents who want to unlock their creativity, gratitude, and humor. My clients excel at their jobs as Stewards and Leaders.

I help moms and dads. This is what I do. There are a lot of them. I can’t do it alone. I could use your help. (I need some Super-Friends, haha.)

Dr. Robert Zeitlin is a Positive Psychologist who can’t help but see Wonder Women everywhere he turns. Robert helps working moms (the strongest superheroes among us) create more satisfaction in their lives. His one-to-one program It’s Your Turn converts the energy used to fight burn-out into superpowers a working mom can use to write her own next chapter.