When gratitude is enough for Female Entrepreneurs

What does goal setting mean to you?

I was listening to a podcast today, and a consultant was providing crucial tips about how leaders could become more productive in their life and work. Some of the strategies provided were those I commonly discuss with my clients- organization tips, various email hacks, some reflective practices; all useful and all those that we frequently don’t consistently do.

But then something interesting yet uncomfortable happened. I describe situations such as these as “improv” moments — moments when (as a speaker) you are confident that you have the answer to every question that could possibly come your way…but then you get a curve ball — one that may even cause a paradigm shift.

This moment arose as the host of the podcast posed a question to the speaker, stating “ I have been battling cancer for the past year and normally my treatments only make me feel fatigue…but today, the day of this show, I can’t even seem to get up… My body hurts and I just don’t have it in me to keep working on my business … In fact…I too often think that I might not make it to see next year. How do I remain productive and focused on my goals?”

My jaw almost dropped; to hear such a personal and perspective shifting question was both deeply touching and nerve- wrecking. I was stumped for the guest, almost nervous that he would keep it too ‘business’ and not really provide a response that was both inspiring yet sensitive.

After hearing the speakers response, which was very honoring of the hosts’ present situation…I reflected for some time and felt almost convicted because of the habits I and many of the “ambitious” have had as leaders, entrepreneurs and business owners. (Sometimes) We focus so much on obtaining that next award, hitting that financial business milestone, landing that next big client that we forget.

We forget that some people are just trying to make it to next year. And for them …they are the only runner in their race.

I relished in that thought for a moment, and wondered what the world would be like if we did not compare our performance to the performance of others. What would it be like to really believe that success and achievement is personal, individual and unique to what we do, who we are and our unique circumstances.

And how would we feel, if we were able to relish in the gratitude of waking up…and starting a new…knowing that we have already won…and being here to contribute to the beauty of the world…is more than enough.

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