Blue-Collar Billionaires

Two articles, which present far more insight and research than I will:



They approach from different perspectives, but center on the same facts and similar conclusions.

Basically, smug liberal elites need to drop the stereotype of uneducated racist rednecks filling flyover states.
- Trump’s support isn’t coming from the working class; they’re in fact significantly wealthier than Clinton voters.
- Equating poverty with moral failure is a sure way to drive that working class base of support away.

What neither mention, though, is how far back the myth of the folksy Republicans vs. the elitist Democrats goes. We got a reprieve in 2012 (nobody even tried to pretend Romney wasn’t the rich man’s candidate), but remember 2008, when we were supposed to believe that Obama was more out of touch than 9-houses McCain because Obama shopped at Whole Foods? Or in 2000 and 2004, when somehow the Harvard/Yale son of a former President convinced us that Gore and Kerry were too fancypants?

Despite rhetoric, in each of those elections, Bush/McCain/Romney voters were wealthier than Obama/Gore/Kerry voters.

What’s really unfortunate, though, is that the more we allow this rhetoric to go on (and yes, I have been guilty of it myself), the more we’ll see the very real concerns of working class America dismissed.

For levity’s sake, I leave you with this:

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