You’re right that she didn’t do it against Obama, but her supporters sure did.
Brian Dominick

If this campaign was Hillary saying that caucuses are disenfranchisement, and closed primaries and party elites are the only legitimate way to decide on a nominee, I’d have the same things to say to her. We can speculate on whether she would’ve been a birther if she didn’t want a cabinet post, but the Sanders camp is doing that sort of thing right now.

Or, maybe I wouldn’t… Maybe I’d just laugh it off if she were behaving like a child while down 20%. Maybe I’m just ripping into the Sanders supporters because I think they might listen. There are a lot of passionate people who’ve suddenly started caring about politics, have ideologies that align with mine, and just need to screw their heads on a little straighter to have a real positive impact.

Ultimately, my one little vote isn’t going to decide the winner, but if 10 of my Facebook friends go back to their Bernie Sanders volunteer groups and say “yo let’s make sure that document isn’t Photoshopped before we share it” and stick to the very legitimate criticisms that you have, that just could make a difference.

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