You’re right, I extrapolated “despise” unfairly.
Brian Dominick

Well, I’m not really convinced that she’d run that sort of campaign if she were losing. She didn’t do it against Obama…

I’m not going to defend her on any of your foreign policy comments, either. They’re all valid. Even if you go with the most conservative estimate, never did less than 25% of Americans oppose that mistake. We deserve to have at least 25% of our candidates oppose it.

My concern is for the future of the left. Will the public see a maniac who wants to build a spiky wall versus a cold and calculating moderate? Or will it see two crazy people yelling conspiracy theories at each other? A lot of moderate Democrats are fighting stuff like voter ID laws, abortion restrictions, mass deportations… what happens to those battles if you decide you neither need nor want their help?

If there were an equally leftist candidate who wasn’t feeding the crazies, I’d have voted for them. But my ballot only had two options on it today.