I believe that 'wrinkle' is not a dirty word and not every wrinkle needs to be nixed. I believe that anti-aging is not against aging. If anything, 'anti aging' is a poor choice of words.

As I see it, 'Anti aging' simply means loving yourself & taking care of yourself to have the best, longest, fullest life possible. I do believe self love and self care are always linked. If a wrinkle (or scar, or spot or fold) bothers you & makes you under confident, makes you shy away from realising your full potential then by all means, do fix it. There are excellent safe and effective treatments available to do so today, with minimal cost. If something makes you more conscious, or less 'you’, then seek a solution for it. But chasing 'perfection' (or ideas thereof propagated by media) or erasing every 'wrinkle' is neither a recipe for beauty nor for happiness.

Embrace yourself. Play to your strengths. Use the tools available. Anti-aging, the powders/pills/treatments and regimes are a tool, to maintain a machine - the body & live powerfully, in health and joy, living to "suck the marrow" out of every moment, mindless of the number of years. This is something I’ve learnt from my oldest, happiest patients. So this doctor’s advice, is to laugh. Out loud. Every day.

Laugh lines are good!