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I am often asked about the driving force behind my work and the change I’m working to bring into the world. Most of it is the internal drive, hunger, the pursuit of my personal mission, and my desire to positively impact the lives of millions of people. But it is also the inspiration coming from the people who are making this world a better place today and have been in the past.

This post is a summary of the talks and presentations that have been inspiring me every step of the way. Hope it brings light and inspiration to everyone reading. These are, in my opinion, among the finest examples of humanity, courage, honesty, vision, leadership and everything else good that our society represents. …

Building the world of intelligent nutrition

Our mission with starting Passio is to empower companies and people around the world with game-changing tools for improving nutrition, health and performance. Today, for the majority of people, nutrition is still a black box full of unknowns and misconceptions. We know that millions of people want to eat healthier and select foods that give us more energy, vitality and enjoyment, but in most cases we don’t know what foods and nutrients our bodies really need, what foods are the most aligned with our goals, needs and desires.

At Passio we are committed to changing the status quo and creating a platform which would allow millions of people to effortlessly track, understand and enrich their diets. Our team is focused on building a SaaS platform for intelligent nutrition and we are inspired by the vision of the future where our diets are enjoyable and healthy at the same time, where users of our platform can optimize their lives and reach higher levels of performance and health, and where people no longer need to guess about what nutritional choices are truly best for them. …


Dmitriy R. Starson

CEO/Co-Founder @Passio_life ( Co-Founder of Escape Dynamics. Caltech, Carleton University and Singularity University alum.

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