Doctors Without Borders Wraps Up Refugee Exhibit Tour

Psychiatrist Dr. Susan Turner works out of her own practice in New York City, where she specializes in holistic solutions to help patients with whatever mental health issues they may be facing. Outside of her work, Dr. Susan Turner supports the efforts of Doctors Without Borders to bring medical care to refugees and war-torn areas.

In 2017, Doctors Without Borders toured various destinations across the United States with a special exhibit documenting the plight of refugees worldwide who are forced to flee their homes when the violence around them becomes too horrible to bear. The Forced From Home exhibit made its way through Boulder, Colorado, Salt Lake City, Utah, Portland, Oregon, and Oakland, California, before making its final stop in Santa Monica last November.

The exhibit features an hour-long program led by volunteers with the organization that paints a clear picture of the challenging lives that refugees have to face and the desperate need they have for medical help and other relief aid. To learn more about Doctors Without Borders and its work with refugees across the globe, visit