Three Tips to Help Women Avoid Injury During Weight Training

Dr. Susan Turner works as a full-time private practice psychiatrist. In this capacity, her approach to psychiatric care couples traditional therapies with a holistic approach to encourage lifestyle changes that may include diet, exercise, and sleep management. In her free time, Dr. Susan Turner likes to stay in shape with a number of physical activities, including weight training.

According to Women’s Health Magazine, while weight training is gaining in popularity among women, weight training injuries are increasing. However, following these three tips may help you avoid injuries.

1. Expert Advice — For those just starting out with weight training, it can be difficult to know whether you are doing the moves and exercises correctly. Poor form and execution can quickly lead to injury. Consider hiring a trainer to help you maximize your efforts and minimize your risk of injury.

2. Buddy System — Having a designated friend serving as your workout buddy can give you both the added boost in motivation you need to stick to your weight training goals. Even more important, your buddy can spot you during heavy lifts, helping you out when necessary.

3. Neglected Muscle Groups — If you focus heavily on certain muscle groups while disregarding others, you will end up with a strength imbalance, which can lead to injury. The simple fix is to balance your workouts so that your other muscle groups get their exercise, too. If you are focused on your chest, quads, and biceps, also take some time to work on your triceps, hamstrings, and back muscles.