To Close the Gender Gap, We Have to Close the Data Gap
Melinda Gates

I feel that your heart is pure and your intentions noble. I sense that you want to help women and you are doing so based on the best information available to you.

However, I am going to ask you to dig a little deeper for better sources of information. And to not only question your own belief systems, but to be wary of unintended consequences related to spending dozens of millions of dollars in ways that will ultimately hurt the women you intend to help.

I challenge you to honestly explore the harmful effects of vaccinations. They are NOT innocuous. Science is against you on this issue, but Big Pharma marketing is totally on your side. Spend your money on offering free NetFlix showings of #Vaxxed, so even your own kids might be educated.

There are many ways to respectfully help women without completely disrespecting their unborn children by killing them. Fine, make birth control ubiquitous and inexpensive or even free. However, once a woman is pregnant with a viable baby, I beseech you to make provisions for that baby to live. Use your funding to match babies up with viable foster parents who would welcome those lives as blessings!

And if for some reason you insist on slaughtering unborn humans, for heaven’s sake make certain that the baby’s remains are completely destroyed so that the DNA and stem cells are not “harvested” for their telomeres to extend the lives of global elites. It would be tragic if your good intentions resulted in damaging scientific ‘experiments’ involving risky human gene splicing and the deployment of harmful “vaccines” built with broken human proteins.