Vacation Breasts — Profiting Off Of Women’s Insecurities

It’s understandable that “Vacation Breasts” are getting a lot of attention. The idea of getting breasts that are a full cup size bigger in just minutes, without having to breast augmentation and with no downtime — even if they are only temporary — is attracting to any woman who is unhappy with her small breast size, especially when she’s in a bikini on vacation. But don’t be fooled. This procedure is just like all those fat-burning supplements that promise to melt off unwanted weight — bogus. Patient satisfaction and safety are my top concerns, so it is important to clear up all the hype buzzing around “Vacation Breasts.”

What exactly are Vacation Breasts?
 Vacation Breasts refers to a new procedure, developed by New York City plastic surgeon, that temporarily enlarges your breasts by injecting saline directly into the breast tissue. Initially, the doctor stated he was using the technique to demonstrate to patients what their breasts would look like after breast augmentation with an implant. He felt patients couldn’t fully visualize their new size or comprehend how they would feel, so giving their breasts a booster shot of saline would help them. But now, the procedure is marketed as a quick way to give your breasts a boost for a special occasion, such as a vacation, wedding, or even college reunion where you feel the pressure to look your best.

Do Vacation Breasts look real and how long do they really last?
 In terms of seeing a temporary size change, yes, Vacation Breasts do give a boost, but they really only last for about 24 hours, at the most. In terms of simulating the results you’d get from a full breast implant augmentation surgery, there’s no comparison. Injecting fluid straight into breast tissue will not stay evenly in one place, let alone keep the same realistic shape of a breast implant. Watch this video that shows a good visual demonstration of the difference between inserting a shaped implant versus a liquid saline solution into a plastic baggie. You’ll get the point right away.

Are Vacation Breasts safe?
 There are no safety studies, but, as with any procedure, there is always the risk of bleeding or infection. Plus, we don’t know if there could be any effect on mammography screenings. In addition, if a patient does get an infection and then goes forward with getting real implants, she could be at a higher risk of capsular contracture, which is when a hard shell forms around the implant.

How much does it cost?
 It costs around $2,500 to $3,500.

So what’s the bottom line?
 If you want to look your most stunning in a bathing suit or cocktail dress, but don’t want to have breast surgery, then invest in a gorgeous bathing suit or bra that plays up your best assets. You’ll have similar, or even better, results than getting Vacation Breasts with zero risk and more money left in your bank account. As for the process of visualizing how breast implants would look on you, there are excellent, safe, non-invasive ways to communicate both visually and verbally expected results. In my office, we use 3D imaging to predict outcomes. In fact, a new study has shown that 3D imaging is 98.5% accurate — so that’s very helpful. You can also use sizers that you slip into a bra, then wear different tops to see how you look.

My final word on Vacation Breasts: Don’t do it.
 Remember, all invasive procedures have potential risks, including infection and hematoma. Undergoing an invasive procedure that is costly for a very temporary result does not make sense to me.

Originally published at on June 8, 2015.

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