~1998~ Dr. Hufnagel “Blows the Whistle” about Tubal Ligation and “PTLS”

Dr. Vikki G. Hufnagel
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Video Presentation made to the National Organization for Women 10.21.1998

Breaking the ACOG PTLS “Code of Silence”

Introduction by Susan Bucher, BSN:

The video shown below is from almost 17 years ago, when the CPTwomen and www.Tubal.org was 1st started. When I (Susan) presented this video to the National Organization for Women (NOW), afterwards I was approached by an agent from the “powers that be” WARNING me “not to move forward with this project” if I “knew what was good for (me)”. I had recently returned from California having had an exploratory surgery to collect information (a biopsy of each ovary) for a court case. Pictures of my ovaries where shown at this meeting and I disclosed to NOW how a cover-up was developing in my case, but my main focus was and still is “Informed Consent” laws for female sterilization.

The attacks on Dr. Hufnagel at that time greatly accelerated and includes arson to her private office, numerous break-ins to her property, false charges, astroturfing, CMB raids to her home and more… This is information that the ACOG did NOT want exposed (and still doesn’t want exposed). The ACOG viewed (and still views) Dr. Hufnagel as arch enemy #1. ~ Susan Bucher, BSN

Shown here are Susan’s ovaries in 1995 at the time of her tubal ligation and in 1998.



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