Essure Recall by the FDA

Will History Repeat Itself?

“Women need to be informed that with the use of “ESSURE” they will be at higher risk for hysterectomy, and of all the risks associated with hysterectomy.” ~ Dr. V. Hufnagel

Position Papers:

February 1, 2015
Demand to FDA and other enforcement agents

MedWatch FDA Failures - Essure, Ovabloc, Morcellation, Mesh, Colonoscopy, Breast Operations and Silicone
May 19, 2015 Provided to FDA

Crimes of Essure and the FDA
Position Paper: Release Date August 23, 2015
Submitted to the FDA 08/23/15
Amended 08/31/15

The Mayhem of Essure, Morcellation and Ovabloc (unedited)
Video presented by Dr. Vikki Hufnagel to the FDA Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Public Panel 09/24/2015

Summary of 1995 FDA Hearing in front of the Medical Device Committee - Video/Audio Legal Testimony of Dr. Hufnagel, MD.
Testimony outlines the facts and concerns which were outlined and presented to the FDA Medical Device Committee in 1995 by Hufnagel regarding Morcellation, Ovabloc and Tubal Sterilizations (directly pertains to the current Essure issues), Breast Implants, Breast Surgery, Breast Cancer, and Female Hormones.
Published on Oct 5, 2015

Essure, (Lack of) Consent, the FDA, and the Nuremberg Code
10.23.2015-Submitted to the FDA

“Essure” Nickel Labeling, FDA & Issues of Consent

“Those who withhold information about the known risks of “Essure” prior to its use are committing fraud. Withholding information constitutes forced (fraudulent) consent which can lead to battery”.
~ Dr. Vikki Hufnagel

Transvaginal Ultrasound” (TVU) replacing “Hysterosalpingogram” (HSG) as the 3 Month Essure Confirmation Test

Another “Red Flag”

“Essure” and Hormone Health
“Women need to be informed that with the use of “ESSURE” they will be at higher risk for hysterectomy, and of all the risks associated with hysterectomy.” ~Dr. Vikki Hufnagel

Crimes of Omission: How Women who are Sold Essure Become Victims of “Battery”

Self Order Lab Testing (direct to the customer) *No Doctor Orders Required

“Ovarian Isolation” & “Female Castration” - The untold risks of Essure, Tubal Ligation and Filshie Clips

Post Sterilized Women and the “Pill”
Were you given the “Birth Control Pill” AFTER your Sterilization (or given a *hormonal IUD) without first having been hormone tested?

Will Essure go the way of the Dalkon Shield? Will history repeat itself?

“One of the most destructive things a woman can do to her body is to undergo sterilization. The sterilization process can cause damage and injury to women’s reproductive and other vital organs in a number of ways.”
~ Dr. Vikki Hufnagel

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To The Hague: These crimes of Essure and morcellation (a device that spreads disease and death) is taking place around the globe. Poor women have been used as experimental animals without being educated or given informed consent. The WHO does many fine things. However WHO also promotes testing on women in underdeveloped nations who are taken advantage of. Money is given to WHO for the promotion of studies on these women for corporations’ research and development. There is a long history of these abuses. There are studies now taking place in which acid is being placed inside the uterus of women to sterilize them. In undeveloped nations women are experiment on and they have no follow up care. This is a major issue of human rights that needs to be exposed. We will be sending other crimes to be attached to this complaint on abuses of women around the globe that are not spoken of an accepted as routine conduct in the care of women.

We need The Hague to lead the action to educate and protect women around the world from medical abuse, harm and battery and to insure their health and welfare.

Contact: For interviews and publications 323–210–3371 PST

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Dr. Vikki G. Hufnagel

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OBGYN Surgeon Whistleblower ~ Public Speaker ~ Author ~Media & Press call: 323–210–3371

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