Abuses and Crimes in Women’s Health

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Hufnagel Ethics in Medicine Foundation: May 3, 2016

“Reverence for life requires action. One must stand up alone against all odds and speak out as to the issues and events that are corrupted and cause human suffering. Knowing at all times that the fact they are seeking change is the very reason they will face attack. The more vocal, the more vicious the attack”. — Vikki Hufnagel

by Vikki Georges Hufnagel, MD
Board Member of ReverenceForFemales.com
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As a philosopher I learned that when one investigates a subject that the first step is to learn the history in depth. The media and press in 1995 did not see the importance of exposing abuses in women’s health care. There is psychological myth that humans hold about medical care. Humans at all levels of society believe that physicians, their organizations have their foundation in ethics as the oath of Hippocrates. Reality is these are all businesses organizations that operate for profit above all else. Any wrongs that may take place are covered up to prevent public awareness.

It takes extreme effort to get issues into the national media. Often I could only get local brief coverage on extremely important medical issues. In my research I was able to uncover hideous experiments on women which I reported on in NO MORE HYSTERECTOMIES in the history of gynecological care. This included pouring of battery acid into the female uterus.

In my research into the history of Depo Provera I found that the WHO that stands for the World Health Organization made deals with corporations and was repeatedly offering sterilization to third world women who are poor, not healthy, without out local health care, and not educated. The projects of WHO go into an area and provided insertion of devices (or operations) and leave. There is poor to no follow up on care so that any complications go without diagnosis or proper medical care. My Depo Provera paper presented at Cedars Sinai Medical Center showed deaths of poor rural women in China from high doses of the drug. The experiment was to determine the proper dose level. The women were not told they could die from the study. High doses caused blood clots and women died.

The full history of female medical care is the first thing any female needs to know but this is not available in our so called advanced society. Abuses and crimes that have taken place in history are kept silent. Thus our society has a mythic belief that the practice of medicine is based on ethics which it is not. We lack an educational program for women that teaches: science, medical practices, statistics, politics, history, myths and economic practices in women’s health care.

Victims lack the skills and knowledge to understand the issues caused by the abuse and harm they have suffered. Repeated acts of abuse have taken place in the past decade and the press and media have in general avoided this subject matter as controversial. The ACOG/American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology destroys the careers of physicians who speak out on these issues. ACOG spends millions of dollars on marketing companies to create disinformation, and crisis management programs that include cover ups of criminal behaviors.

When I uncovered the OVABLOC abuse and went public in 1995 the only press that the story was the Washington Post and the Congress Daily. No one else covered this issue and no one cared other than these two papers. Though the Washington Post is prestigious and well respected other papers intentional avoided carrying the news about Ovabloc. It was placed in the too controversial category also known as do not piss off the medical industrial complex or we will get trouble in the future.

As an insider I saw how Ovabloc was promoted by the ACOG. The developer of this device, Dr. Jay Cooper, was given lecture time at their meetings. Dr. Cooper was the national salesman for Ovabloc. He also had other positions such as the President of the American Gynecological Laparoscopy Association which he used to promote his device. The heads of the ACOG buy stock in devices early on when it’s cheap. Then they take the stock ride up to make money and increase the marketing of the product. The hands of the ACOG are not clean. There was no science in creation of Ovabloc nor Essure.

Notice to Essure Victims and Advocates: Look up the role that Dr. Jay Cooper had concerning Essure and it’s development. Dr. Hufnagel has been blowing the whistle regarding his crimes and abuses since the early 80’s. He had a key role concerning Essure as well as an incestual relationship with the FDA. ~ SJB


This is on the front page of the AAGL.

This organization supported OVABLOC and supports ESSURE. It also supports morcellation.

Here is their statement: Our Mission: ”Focused on the ultimate goal of improving patient care in gynecologic medicine, AAGL recognizes that surgical gynecologists and other clinicians require lifelong learning. Accordingly, the AAGL provides a variety of educational activities to ensure the learners achieve this goal.“

I will be presenting to them this paper to ask to speak in 2017 on medical abuses, lack of informed consent and the lack of ethical practices by AAGL and ACOG. Anything truthful to the point of exposure of wrongs are not accepted by these medical associations. I will still keep trying.

Women suffering from Essure today have no historical perspective and never heard of Ovabloc which is the precursor to Essure. Ovabloc was sold to American women by the ACOG as non surgical, without complications, and reversible. The procedure used a hysteroscopy and what took place was the injection of “hot” liquid silicone under pressure through a catheter that goes into the uterus and internal opening into the fallopian tube. Then hot silicon under pressure is pushed by the machine into the fallopian tube. Each side is filled.

I asked at the ACOG conferences supporting OVABLOC Dr. Copper the following female fallopian tube basic questions:

  • What did he find as to the length of fallopian tubes?
  • The volume capacity of the female fallopian tube?
  • What was the flexibility of the silicone when it harden?
  • How did the surgeon see and the flow of the silicone?

Dr. Copper was selling Ovabloc and placing it in women but these basic studies never took place and were totally overlooked also by the FDA. The FDA failed to see the relationship to developer of device to its association with medical groups who buy stock and also promote the use of devices. Following the money is part of review of any product however this is not taking place by the FDA.

Women came to me who had Ovabloc placed by Jay Cooper in Arizona where all in severe constant pain. Jay told them it was in their head only and nothing was wrong. These women went repeatedly to see Jay after he placed Ovabloc. He did no work up on the women at all. This is typical cover-up behavior.

These wanna be get rich quick MDs who never had been in lab failed to realize that protocols come first and consideration of negative events is a priority before subjecting a women to anything. After multiple cases I demanded to present several medical abuses (Breast Implants, Ovabloc and Sterilization, morcellation and need for diagnostic instruments) to take place with the FDA device committee in 1995.

At that meeting having been burned at the stake multiple times I brought Mark Popp (a German film producer) and Susan Wine the creator of the Quilted Giraffe in NY as witnesses to the meeting.

I provided surgical video, operative reports and pathology reports to the FDA committee. On Ovabloc I explained that most gyn surgeons could not remove the silicone so they cut the tubes off or performed a hysterectomy to correct. Also the silicone spilled into the pelvis and damaged other organs. In Sara Woods an entire section of her bowel had been coated and scarred by silicone. She could not defecate and was at risk for rupture of the colon and septic death as a result of the procedure. The device had not been designed properly and had no means of visualization of silicone placement. All of this should of been a reason to not allow the device to be used on women.

I asked formally for all of my Medwatch fillings and the hearing documents from 1995 in a proper FOIA filing with the FDA which the 20 days have passed with no production from the FDA. This is a request that the FDA read the FOIA sent them months ago and comply provision of the documents.

The end result was I succeeded in having Ovabloc not licensed in the USA. However I could not get the data I needed which was how many women had Ovabloc placed. I found some 15–18,000 females had this procedure.

I made multiple requests to recall this device with no response. As a result of this Jay and his ACOG buddies are making money off Ovabloc in Europe and the history of what happened here in America is unknown to women in Europe.

I am asking Reverence for Females to put up a International Sterilization Registry. GO TO the International Sterilization Registry. There is no privacy for this registry, the data is public.

With the Ethics hat on, if the FDA, the ACOG and AAGL did not do this decades ago demonstrates their focus is not on the female patient but on their money, power and status.


There is a psychological issue that has not been discussed or studied in the area of destruction of the female body. For decades the concept in our misogynistic medical system has been that to control reproduction has created the belief that the only means of control is through destruction. This is not science but a belief that is based on the fear of the power of the female body to reproduce by all men. This comes from primitive man who honored the miracle of birth through matriarchal worship.

In my research for NO MORE HYSTERECTOMIES I found study after study by the medical industrial complex which has been dominated by males who have focused on the destruction the inside of the uterus (endometrium), or the inside of the fallopian tubes that were not far from the experiments done on women the turn of the century that placed battery acid in the uterus and others that put electrodes into the uterus to electrify the organs to destroy them. This is reality and not something made up to scare females. There is far too many horrific events that have taken place that the ACOG has covered up. The ACOG has not made great progress because the ACOG fails to study its own history and covers up rather than exposes its wrongs. This is a common response by an institution to cover up rather than clean up. They fear total rejection if the expose wrong doings and make things worse by extreme events in their cover ups. This will continue until ACTION is taken by the public. Action means to do more than write papers and sign petitions. We have knowledge of what works in history. I find it extremely disconcerting that basic skills we’ve learned over time are not being employed to make need change. Why is this? I suspect that humans have come to believe they can not organize and can not create social change as a result of their fear of terrorism and the fact that our government has not taken full responsibility for its failures. Our economic crisis has not been corrected. There has been no actually focus to prevent abuses of Wall Street in the future. There is an infection of depression and hopelessness in the nation that is destructive to all issues. People are not working for effective change. They have no concept that they can achieve change. I watched the ESSURE women beg at the FDA. This did nothing at all to strengthen their position.

Insanity is when one continues to take the same actions over and over again with the same response. Begging the FDA is not going to work which victims need to understand. Agents at the FDA have allowed ESSURE. It is in the market all over the world. There is not enough media/press coverage for the public to even know there is an issue. The FDA has to cover up its errors. This is simply self preservation. There is no boohoo for victims. The FDA is large and powerful and can withstand all of the internal hearings and maneuvers that have taken place. My belief is that success can only take place by making the nation know about ESSURE day after day until it is stopped. I have years of experience as to ACTION. The women who are in charge of the ESSURE projects are not educated in political action or how the government works. The FDA and Bayer have been able to use crisis management to keep the lid on this abuse/crimes for many years now. A BOYCOTT OF BAYER will work and would of worked years ago. Also a boycott of the FDA needs to take place to get their co operation.

When OVABLOC was revealed and I meet with the FDA it was in the FDA’s best interest to not approve it. I will explain the issues and comparison in this paper. I realized that the FDA is Washington, and all I needed was DC Press to stop ovabloc. So I worked to get DC press and did. Also my 1995 meeting with the FDA device committee was clear. If they did not take action I was would start a national boycott.


One can boycott government institutions. One can ask also for funds to be cut backed. One can have active protest on going. None of this has taken place with the FDA for example. Bayer because there has been no boycott has created an enormous disinformation program and crisis management system. Victims have spent their time begging the devil which throughout history has not worked. This in part is a social illness we have today. It is a problem that Essure victims need to evaluate. Our society is controlled by media that is not ethical and does not care about social needs. More and more women will become victims of Essure if no ACTION TAKES place. A one month boycott will bring action to Bayer. Boycotts WORK. Imagine no one buying any BAYER products. It would take one hour to make a boycott list and give shoppers options. Now, think what you could do for a 6 month boycott. Unfortunately victims are already victims and when someone like myself comes around to explain things I am seen as an enemy and there is total resistance to change policy. This is a very female pathology. Women always attack women first rather than self-reflect on their own behavior. I am not attacking ESSURE victims.

I have been trying to communicate the harsh reality of these crimes and the steps that are needed. I will be giving a 2 hour workshop on the educating all victims of medical abuses/crimes and the medical industrial complex structure. This teaches steps to take for reporting these events. I am sure that trolls and spies of the corporations and government will attend. Essure and other victims of things like morcellation are not aware of the many crimes taking place by hired marketing companies to try and get information and cause problems within victim groups. Susan Bucher and I got calls from obvious agents for Bayer. They wanted to work for me for free to get information. We have tried to warn groups that they are being infiltrated but they respond that it is not possible. But it does happen.


No woman would elect to use the device if they knew before hand all of the many complications. The same can be said about morcellation. If true informed consent took place there would be no complications and no deaths because no woman would risk her life if she was told the truth. The issue is that women are not being told the truth. ESSURE women in America and Ovabloc women in Europe are victims of crimes. Having an International registry will bring truth to the forefront which has not been provide by Bayer or the FDA. This process will bring about change as the numbers and events will be all documented.

My next step is to present to a local university a new concept of biotechnology that will be based in a bioethical approach to creating conception control that is safe and reversible. My mentor for this program is Dr. Juliana Christy-Sackmann, a CalTech astrophysicist. This will teach a new way to conduct research and how to bring ethics to the forefront of medical research and practice.

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