February 1, 2015

Hufnagel Bioethics Institute

Founder and Director:

Success for corporations is measured by income, not patient outcome.

This product causes harm to the fallopian tubes and cannot be easily removed. Proper evaluation did not take place in patients. Genetics evaluation to look at risk of infection such as risk for diabetes. Evaluation for immune diseases are not performed. Full evaluation for conditions which would increase complications. Full studies for STD and inflammatory conditions were not obtained prior to use of Essure. How many women had mycoplasma or ureaplasma in their fallopian tubes? How many women had endometriosis? Informed consent as to the risks that could all take place was not and is not provided to these women.

I am asking for an immediate stop to the use of the Essure device and a full investigation by the FDA take place to evaluate every case of insertion and gather proper statistical data.

Of great need is the removal of law that prevents litigation against devices and products. This will take years of hard work. How such a law got passed is in need of a full expose. Who paid for what to get this law that removed human rights and fails to protect patients. How did this injustice evolve?

OBGYN Surgeon Whistleblower ~ Public Speaker ~ Author ~Media & Press call: 323–210–3371 www.DrVikki.com

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