Whistle Blower Cover-up Case Study:

How medical device companies and the ACOG work with public relation firms specializing in “crisis management” suppress the truth, silence whistle blowers, work to erase history, and “sabotage” medical malpractice cases to protect their $tock.

Silencing Whistle-Blowers & Erasing History…

Issues of Tubal Ligation/female sterilization, Essure, Morcellation, Hysterectomy, uterine fibroid artery embolization (UFE)/(UAE) & Dr. Vikki Hufnagel, MD.

July 27, 1999. Arson to my private office

Many historical documents outlining my work to advance women’s health has been destroyed by fire, raids on my home, theft and more. I write about who did this, how it was done, and why this was done… all in an attempt to erase me, my work, my ideas from history, and to suppress women and women’s health care. The following is a case study and just one example of the many criminal actions that have been taken against me to erase me and history from the public record.

Back Ground:


I was instrumental in passing the first informed consent laws to hysterectomy (in CA, NY, and TX). Before these laws were put in place women were routinely given hysterectomies during surgery with no knowledge or forewarning that their uterus and ovaries might be removed.

I wrote and published “No More Hysterectomies” in which I disclosed information to women and the public that the ACOG and their members (my peers) did not want publicly disclosed. The book exposed the routine surgical abuse of women’s health care physicians’ practice of performing unnecessary hysterectomies and included information about hormonal and physical side effects of tubal ligations and post tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS). While the book was a best seller, I and the book did not get rave reviews from the ACOG and their members who routinely performed these types of surgeries. Actions were taken then and afterwards to silence me.


On 8–30–99 Susan Bucher and I taped a T.V. health news segment with NBC5 in Chicago to help educate women and the public about the side effects of tubal ligation and female sterilization. See below:

Historical news segments (2 news segments) dated October 14, 1999 and October 28, 1999. Here I am blowing the whistle and exposing female sterilization/tubal ligation risks known as post sterilization syndrome or post tubal syndrome (PTLS). Primarily I’m exposing the risk of female sterilization (all forms) causing hormonal imbalances (ovarian function being compromised) and the risk of female castration. This is a risk that women in 2016 still are not informed of at the time of their informed consent. This video is a key document in this case study.

Susan sent the following letter to the producer after the taping:

On 10–14–99 NBC5 in Chicago aired on TV a health news segment titled “The hidden risk of tubal ligations” commentated by Marion Brooks. I was interviewed and spoke about the untold side effects of tubal ligation, what post tubal ligation syndrome is (PLTS), how it’s caused, and the need for post sterilized women to get hormone testing. Susan Bucher, The founder of the Coalition for Post Tubal Women, was also interviewed about what happened to her after her tubal ligation. NBC5 interviewed the ACOG who stated within this news segment that, “…the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists denies that post-tubal ligation syndrome is a medical condition.”

NBC knew that I was a whistle blower, was licensed in HI and had my CA and NY licenses revoked. They also knew that I was a women’s health rights activist having fought to have informed consent laws passed, that I held a medical degree, specialized in women’s health care (OBGYN/Cancer surgeon), have expert knowledge of the subject, and was (and still am) qualified to speak on the subject.

The news segment was aimed to educate women and advance women’s health. During the taping the producer, Bob Ray, stated that the segment would be posted online sometime after it aired.

After the segment aired there was an outcry by the ACOG medical community (obgyns) that NBC aired this segment. Doctors and ACOG medical “officials” posted anonymously at NBC5’s bulletin board stating that I had lost my license so I was not to be quoted or believed. These anonymous postings at NBC5’s bulletin board never mentioned the subject of the news article (that tubal ligations have side effects). All the postings were aimed to discredit me and to make it appear that I was not qualified to speak on the subject.

Afterwards Susan called Mr. Ray thanking for the segment and inquired about when the segment would be posted online. Mr. Ray verbally told Susan that he received much feedback from the segment, in particular he mentioned to her he received a letter from Barbara Martin (Barbara Martin/Abelson Taylor), stated that the segment would be posted soon, and that a follow-up segment was being produced.

Posted below is the email Susan sent Mr. Ray on 10–20–99 and his reply:

— — -Original Message — — -
From: susan j bucher [susan@tubal.org]
Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 5:38 PM
To: bob.ray@nbc.com
Subject: tubal story
Dear Mr. Ray,
I can not find the tubal article on-line — can you tell me were it’s archived?
Also, Dr. Hufnagel would like a copy of the letter that you received so that
she may respond to that person.
Please forward via fax to 815–328–0445.
I’m in the process of organizing information so that it’s easily understood,
and will soon forward. Sorry it’s taking so long. 
Susan J Bucher
 — — — — — — — — — — — — — 
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Received: from elijah.nbc.com (elijah.nbc.com [])
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 id <490M5CMT>; Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:40:29 -0400
Message-ID: <6B923A61015CD11196970001C81F593E92A1E2@CH01NBCGE>
From: “Ray, Bob (NBC)”
To: “’susan j bucher’”
Subject: RE: tubal story
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 11:40:19 -0400
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2448.0)
The tubal story apparently has not been archived yet. 
I’ll ask the webmaster here about it. If it does get
archived, it should show up within our
www.nbc5.com website, by checking ‘healthwatch’
and then the archives for healthwatch.
Thanks for putting that material together for me.
I look forward to seeing it.
 I don’t feel comfortable sending Barbara Martin’s
letter out. But if I can be of any other help let me know.

Some background on Barbara Martin and Abelson Taylor:

By September of 1999 I was well aware of who ‘Barbara Martin’ was and that she worked for “Abelson Taylor”. Abelson Taylor is just one of many public relations firms who specializes in crisis management”.

It was learned who Martin was and who she was working for because she had been posting online at the “healthfraud” site inquiring about me. In one post she disclosed that she was working for Abelson Taylor.

Today in 2016 she has listed on her LinkedIn profile that she worked for Abelson Taylor.

I have other paper trails to other Public Communication PR firms as well involved in slandering me, and who worked to silence me.

In 1999, many things were occurring in women’s health which I was (and still am) speaking out on…the Dalkon shield, Ovabloc, uterine artery/fibroid embolization, Morcellation, tubal ligation, (STOP/Essure), silicone breast implants, the PILL, Hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Jay M. Cooper, MD (a stockholder in Conceptus and other devices. He was the poster boy for many devices including Ovabloc, ablation, NovaSure, UFE, and STOP/Essure [he wrote the manual for Essure- see page145]) and the list goes one.

As a side note I question why both Jay Cooper and Carla Dione did not speak Tuesday, May 22, 2001 at the FDA CENTER FOR DEVICES AND RADIOLOGICAL HEALTH OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY DEVICES PANEL SIXTY-FOURTH MEETING.

They were both present at this meeting yet both declined to speak.

What does an organization or a medical device company do (such as the ACOG, Conceptus, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, etc…) when someone is speaking out about their organization or product? They hire black-belts, PR people who specialize in “crisis management”. Often these black belts work under the radar, astroturing, and doing what ever it takes to protect the reputation of the organization and company (STOCK HOLDERS) they work for.

All those working in “crisis management” are schooled in “disinformation” and specialized tactics. To learn about disinformation see: Twenty-Five Ways To Suppress Truth: The Rules of Disinformation (Includes The 8 Traits of A Disinformationalist). I myself have been a victim of all the tactics listed.

Actions of crisis management extend to writing/publishing books and news articles with the sole intention of astroturfing, slandering and discrediting whistle-blowers (such as Dione, People Magazine, and others have done) to creating / working with law firms to work under the guise of offering to help women who have been injured in the medical setting (which is currently occurring with victims of Essure and morcellation). These mole law firms/lawyers take cases with the promise they are going to fight and work hard to get a fair settlements for victims. They obtain the woman's medical records, (sometimes they demand money from women upfront to “work” on their case), then they sabotage their case and essentially work for the defense. This is another cycle of abuse and emotional rape of the victims of surgical abuse. This topic I write about in more detail and am creating a workshops and videos to help women maneuver though the legal system.

Back to the Case Study:

On 10–28–99 NBC5 did a follow up story titled “Sterilization questions for women”, commentated again by Marion Brooks. In this segment NBC5 defended me and informed their viewers that I did hold a valid medical license (in HI). They informed of the smear campaign that was waged upon me by the medical community because of my speaking out, creating law, publishing information about unnecessary hysterectomies and tubal ligation side effects and how that related to me losing my CA and NY medical licenses.

It was explained again the cause of ovaries shutting down after a tubal ligation.

NBC5 again quoted the ACOG as stating, “…the ACOG doesn’t believe the syndrome is a medical condition…” To make their point NBC5 aired a taped interviewed of Dr. Serdar Bulun, M.D. (an ACOG member) stating, “so far there’s no evidence …”

NBC5 mentioned Illinois NOW involvement and how IL NOW was educating their members (and the public) about the hormonal side effects of tubal ligation. The news segment ended again with information about the need for hormone testing, quoting my suggestion that women get hormone tested before (and after) a tubal ligation.

Crisis management at work to

  2. SILENCE whistle-blowers
  3. ERASE history - eliminate/hide the paper trail

The NBC5 Cover-up:

Transcripts from both the 10–14–99 and the 10–28–99 segments were publicly posted available at NBC5’s web site for quite some time. The CPTwomen (tubal.org) had linked to each article for reference. At some point both transcripts were removed from NBC5’s web site so the CPTwomen posted a copy of the transcript at www.tubal.org.

In March 2000 a representative from NBC contacted the CPTwomen and stated that the posted transcript copy must be removed from the Tubal.org site. It was stated that this request came because “someone” had contacted the NBC5 news director about the transcript being posted there (at tubal.org). When asked who this person was they stated they were not a liberty to disclose who was making this demand.

It was brought to the attention to this NBC representative that both of the segment transcripts had been posted publicly at the NBC site and had been removed. The representative confirmed this and said they would check into having them re-posted at NBC5 web site (they never were re-posted).

It needs to be noted that at the time when NBC removed these two articles from their site they kept in place other produced news segments that told only of the benefits of tubal ligation. Those articles where older then the 10–14–99 and 10–28–99 segments and not as informative for women.

It also needs to be noted that the 10–14–99 and 1–28–99 segments were also removed from the summary from NBC’s summary of health segments for the month of October 1999. (*photo posted below or see https://web.archive.org/web/20010228065844/http://publish.nbc5.com/tvsd/inside/health/HealthArchOct.shtml. All articles that Marion Brooks had done were listed expect for these two segments. All reference to these two segments are entirely gone and currently there is no reference at NBC’s site that they ever existed.

In December of 1999 it was communicated by Sue OS of IL NOW to Susan Bucher that Martin wrote demanding that NOW remove all reference of myself from the IL NOW web site. See the email below:

Received: from www36.web2010.com (sjb@www36.web2010.com []) by clavin.interaccess.com (8.9.0/8.9.0) with ESMTP id XAA25134 for ; Wed, 22 Dec 1999 23:32:41 -0600 (CST)
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 Wed, 22 Dec 1999 23:34:48 -0600 (CST)
Message-ID: ❤861B53F.E5C401B7@mediaone.net>
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 23:38:08 -0600
From: Sue 
X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.7 [en] (Win95; I)
X-Accept-Language: en
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: susan j bucher 
CC: HerBdy@aol.com
Subject: Re: need help
References: <007101bf3e17$3724ed00$8a8dd0cf@w13qq>
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Yes the email was originally sent to Susan Bramlet-Lavin at IL NOW
susan j bucher wrote:
> Dear Sue,I have much to tell you about what
> direction this is all taking. NOW will have much interest….and
need to schedule a press
> conference for January…. Health Scout just did an article about the
> Coalition…..http://allhealth.healthscout.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Af?ap=42&id=87777 
…. I’m seeking for any and all correspondence
> that anyone has received that spoke negatively about Dr. Hufnagel. I
> recall when the link was put up at the IL NOW site someone e-mailedIL
> NOW demanding to have the link removed. I believe the author was
> Barbara Martin? Was that e-mail sent to Susan L? Please
> forward this letter to her. I need a copy of the e-mail sent to me
> in it’s entirely.

FYI, the “Health Scout” article mentioned in the above email was also posted then removed.

These actions show conspiracy to hide this information from the public.

This is just one example of how crisis management works (worked) to silence the truth. It also shows to what lengths a medical organization (the ACOG), medical device manufactures, and crisis management firms will take to silence information which exposes them to the abuses they wage upon women.

These two NBC health segments, “The hidden risk of tubal ligations” and “Sterilization questions for women” both got a big response from the public and were very informative to women. They would still be in place if the ACOG and their crisis management had not taken action by force to have this information removed.

…the pharaoh forgot that though he had eradicated her, she was still there.

The removal of these news segments conjures the image of Hatshepsut being erased from history by Thutmose III. In this manner history DOES repeat itself!

Other actions against me have occurred at the hands of “crisis management” before and after this event, but this one event is a good study in how things play out. I have many more examples which I will write about at a later time.

Women today in 2016 are still NOT informed at the time of consent or afterwards that female sterilization (all forms) can cause hormonal imbalances or cause women’s ovaries to shut down. They are not informed that tubal ligation and female sterilization (Essure) causes bleeding disorders that that would necessitate 2nd and 3rd surgeries such as D&C’s and hysterectomies… AND crisis management is still working to silence me.

This document is being provided to the public, media and press.

June 6, 2016 by: 
Dr. V.G. Hufnagel MD
Director of the Institute for Ethics Law, Science and Medicine. 
PST 323–210–3371 vm, 
4244 Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills Ca 91364

c 2016 Vikki Hufnagel, MD

Where’s the record of the PTLS news segment???

NBC’s summary of health segments for the month of October 1999.

All articles that Marion Brooks had done were listed expect for these two segments regarding tubal ligation and post tubal syndrome. All reference to these two segments are entirely gone and currently there is no reference at NBC’s site that they ever existed.

Case Study: How medical device companies and the ACOG work with public relation firms specializing in “crisis management” 
suppress the truth, silence whistle blowers,
work to erase history, and “sabotage” medical malpractice cases to protect their $tock