Diversity In America…The Solution!!!

I shared this post on Facebook and wanted to share it with my Linkedin Colleagues:

One of America’s Biggest Problems:

As I travel across America and train major corporations about #Diversity & #Inclusion I have noticed a reoccurring problem. As a Nation we don’t talk to each other, people who don’t look like us, think like us or live like us. Because we don’t talk, we assume.

Sitting at this table are 5 men from #Compton, California. All married, all fathers, all law abiding citizens.

Keith is a Pastor
Lafayette is a Wealth Advisor
Nate is a top Fashion Designer
Issac is a CEO of a Youth Foundation
Will is a CEO of a Leadership Consulting Company

But in America we are often “Mis-Judged” as thugs, lower class and not a part of the American fabric.

Needless to say, we haven’t allowed this to stop us or made us to hate America. We ARE AMERICANS…This is our home, our country or land.

Our success doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist, it does. But at the same time we made a CHOICE not to allow racism to stop us.

As Americans we have much work to DO…I challenge ALL my FB friends to TALK, COMMUNICATE & ENGAGE in conversations that leads to us building an even better America.

You will be amazed at how wonderful people are, if you talked more and assumed less ….

#LetsTalk #WeAreAmericans