Mystery Case: An African Souvenir

A family of 5 went to South Africa. They had 10 days on the ground there. The first half of the trip was in and around Johannesburg and a safari in Kruger National Park topped off the adventure.

In the city and its outskirts they were aghast at the poverty. They toured everywhere and enjoyed meeting the locals. In Johannesburg, they usually ate at upscale hotels, but in Soweto and Lesedi and smaller places they ate more adventurously.

The family took Malarone for malaria prevention when they entered Kruger and continued it for a week after leaving South Africa. No one became ill in Africa.

The day after returning home to the U.S., the teenage boy didn’t feel well. He had fever, chills, headache and he noticed a lesion on his leg pictured above. There was a swollen lymph node in the right groin.

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Winkler G. Weinberg, MD

I have been an Infectious Disease physician for over 3 decades. I am the author of No Germs Allowed!. If you liked this article, check out the book on Amazon.

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