Preparing Our Kids for an AI World: Neuroscientist on Why Social Skills Matter Now More Than Ever!

Decades of social science research has demonstrated that one of the greatest predictors of happiness and strongest buffers of stress is social support. In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) and automation loom large many parents are talking about how to best prepare our children for an uncertain future where machines will become a dominant force in our everyday lives. The answer may in fact still be our ability to connect with others and build social support.

While attending the EY World Entrepreneur of the Year Forum in Monte Carlo, Monaco I had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with Dr. Vivienne Ming, PhD, neuroscientist and Co-founder and Executive Chair of Socos the company behind the Muse child development program. One of the topics we covered was the importance of social skills and how strong social skills will play an increasingly more important role in life success, particularly in an automated world where artificial intelligence will become omnipresent. …

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Michelle Gielan, Dr. Woody & Shawn Achor

For thousands of years philosophers, psychologists, and scientists have debated the issue of free will and self-determination. From hard determinists to free will libertarians the question has mainly centered around our ability to truly act of our own volition. In other words, how much choice do we really have over the trajectory of our lives? Or, as some philosophers would argue how much control do we really have over the choices we are free to make?

Regardless of what we believe may drive our choices, most of us do understand that we can make choices. …

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Dr. Woody with Romero Britto at The World Happiness Summit

You don’t have to look too far to find the art of Romero Britto. The famed Brazilian artist who resides in Miami is known around the world for his vibrant colors and optimistic themes. His signature public art installations have been featured in such prominent venues as the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris and London’s Hyde Park as well as major sporting events including The Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, and Olympic Games. Integral to both his art and his life is spreading the message of happiness. …

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The cornerstone of the American dream is and always has been hard work. Deeply ingrained in our psyche is the belief that if you push hard enough you’ll eventually get there if for no other reason than the sheer force of your effort. One of the many factors that separates successful entrepreneurs is their innate grasp of the fact that the American dream requires a lot more than just hard work, it’s also about smart work.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with and interview numerous executives and entrepreneurs. What I have found is that these individuals attribute a lot of their success to what they refer to as think time. In other words, the time they spend reflecting, exploring, learning and strategizing to prepare themselves for the next move. To better understand this I recently had the opportunity to partner with EY on a survey of 102 top entrepreneurs and executives in attendance at the 30th Annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. What we found was that over 41 percent of the entrepreneurs and executives we surveyed reported setting aside more than 20 percent of their week to focus on new business ideas and innovation. Another 37 percent reported spending between 10 and 20 percent of their week on these smart work thinking activities. Essentially these high achieving individuals dedicate a good portion of their busy schedules to extract themselves from the busyness of everyday work-life to take think time. …

Opportunity is always around us, but it’s not always readily evident. Merriam-Webster very simply defines opportunity as a “favorable juncture of circumstances.” In a sense, you can think of opportunity as being at the right place at the right time, but the key is recognizing you are there.

In several of my interviews with high profile entrepreneurs at the annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in Dessert Springs, California I asked them to share their thoughts on what opportunity means to them and how they have been able to successfully seek out and execute on the right opportunities. …

Top entrepreneurs on why a strong team matters.

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Taking on the role of market disrupter requires strong leadership and an even stronger team. While attending the 30th annual EY Entrepreneur of the Year Awards I had the opportunity to sit down with three leading entrepreneurs to talk about the secret to building strong teams: delegating, setting vision, and relying on trusted advisors.

Aaron Krause, Founder and CEO of Scrub Daddy on Delegating

The QVC and Shark Tank star is no stranger to being in the lead role. As a serial entrepreneur Aaron Krause got his start in the car wash business and has parlayed that into selling multiple businesses to Fortune 50 giant 3M. He may have been at the helm, but he didn’t do it alone. Krause explains that early on “my biggest problem in life was that I wasn’t very good at delegating. I wanted to do everything myself and I felt like I was the only one who could do it right.” For Krause it was always important to expose himself to as much of the business as possible, so he could really learn it. …


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