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I do know this goes against traditional teachings, but it certainly does not contradict the Word of God. If you have Scriptures to base your viewpoint that my teaching is contradictory, I’d love to have that discussion.

I agree that there is spiritual authority (like a spiritual mother/father relationship for another… I pray for you, I support you, I teach you, I help you to grow in Christ). But there is a slippery slope to the unbiblical “covering” teaching and then it’s no longer mutual submission but then it becomes a lesser person be subject to a greater person where one person believes they have most if not all the answers for the other person (e.g. look up Shepherding movement).

My point is that this Body analogy says we are under the Authority of Christ and He’s given us authority to bind and loose and heal and deliver. But the body metaphor screams that we’re not supposed to think of ourselves as a ranking order or I’m in charge of you but to mutually submit and to love one another using the Fruits of the Holy Spirit to help us be better friends, spouses, and co-workers.

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