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You didn’t mean to say God created Jesus. Jesus (who laid down his position as God and became man) was the Alpha (the beginning) and, like the Father and Holy Spirit, is eternal.

Genesis 3:6 is not God’s plan but rather the curse from Adam/Eve sinning. Jesus came to correct the curse caused by the first Adam. If it wasn’t a curse but rather God’s plan, then using an epidural or doing a C-section during childbirth is sinning because it takes away the pain that God wants women to have in childbirth.

God’s authority is not in question. And as a teacher of the Word of God, I never teach anyone to nullify his commandments. Jesus, when asked about what commandments are important, summed them all up with two commands. Love God and love others. Everything else (law and prophets) hangs on these commandments. I see no commandment that says women must rank under men or that men are the ultimate decision makers because they are more accountable to Christ. The verse “Men are the head” of women… that word elsewhere in Scripture is translated as source (saying Eve came from Adam). The rest of Scripture talks of us submitting to and loving one another.

If women are not allowed to ever have authority over men, explain Ruth. As a woman going to the battle she made decisions that men were required to follow. The does not call her a mistake or an aberration. She was a judge in a long line of judges in the OT.

I’m taking this message to Nairobi, Kenya to sow seeds of Truth to (hopefully) undo a patriarchal culture that treats women as less than men and as possessions and no co-heirs in Christ. I hope you’ll pray for me to help these people do a better job of loving people the way Jesus would have.

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