“2-BULLET TUESDAY” — ​5 Transportation Tech Trends, Record Low Solar+Storage Prices, AI Trends in 2019 & Warren Buffett on “Saying No”

Chris Wedding, PhD
Jun 25, 2019 · 3 min read
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Good morning,

Hope you enjoy our most recent 3-minute digest on clean energy finance, productivity, and (attempts at) humor.

Quote for the day:
“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticize them, you’re a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”
- Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy (old SNL skit)

Now what?

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD
Managing Director, IronOak Energy Capital


5 Trends for 2019:
“Shifting Techtonic Plates”

  • Told in series of short videos, this article talks about today’s “once-in-a-lifetime” moment of disrupting mobility with the confluence of EV mainstreaming, the inevitability of AV (autonomous vehicles), high tech connectivity, ride sharing, predicting the future (potholes), and riding on stainless steel robotic versions of Daenerys’s Game of Thrones dragons. Who’s ready to give up the car? (I exaggerate slightly.) | Source: Greenbiz (Katie Fehrenbacher)

Record Low Prices:
But We Need to Move to Hawaii

  • Seven solar+storage PPAs, with prices from 8–12 c/kWh, now await approval by Hawaii’s public utility commission. These are lower than the current 15 c/kWh power from conventional energy, per Hawaiian Electric Company. Plus, these new prices represent a 42% decrease for solar+storage since 2016. If approved, the 262 megawatts of solar and 1,048 megawatt-hours of storage capacity would double the entire U.S. installed base for solar+storage. The red carpet is being laid for dispatchable renewable energy on scale | Source: Greentech Media (Emma Foehringer Merchant)


“Saying No” is the Most Important Thing:
Per Warren Buffett

  • This is great, and painfully difficult, advice. In this AMAZING article — the best 12 minutes you’ll “spend” today — we see Buffett’s 3-step approach to getting focused. In essence, “20% of our priorities typically account for 80% of our results,” so convert most of your “goals” into an “avoid at all cost” list. Salient quote: “Behind Buffett’s jovial demeanor is the most stone-cold, ruthless prioritizer (in a good way) in the world.” Can I get an amen! | Source: Accelerated Intelligence (Michael Simmons)

$15.7 Trillion to the 2030 Economy:
6 Trends from PwC

  • The world’s most popular smart-sounding acronym (followed in close second place by IoT) may be more than just hype. Of the 1,000 companies surveyed by PwC, all currently implementing AI at some level, 20% expect to use AI enterprise-wide this year. Of the six trends highlighted in the article, here are two related and scary headers: “Data: Locate and label to teach the machines” and “Trust: Make AI responsible in all its dimensions.” Hopefully, we ensure trust before we teach them too much. I machine learning is “AI that is working in the world today,” then I want to know what it’s learning. | Source: PwC

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