“2-BULLET TUESDAY” Newsletter — Big Oil’s Cleantech Investments, Solar Transaction Platform Financed,
Decision Fatigue, & Free Text-to-Audio App

Chris Wedding, PhD
Sep 10, 2019 · 3 min read
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Good morning,

I hope you enjoy our most recent 4-minute read on energy finance, startups, lifehacks, and humble efforts to entertain.

Science Joke for Your Kids:

  • Why can’t you hear a Pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
  • Because the “P” is silent.

Have a great week.

Chris Wedding, PhD

Managing Director, IronOak Energy Capital

Founder, Invest for Impact Academy

P.S. And, yes, I just made a potty joke in a professional business newsletter…
It’s worth a ton of brownie points with my three kiddos.


Conventional Energy Majors Investing in Clean Energy:
Are They For Real This Time?

  • Consider this quote from a Goldman Sachs natural resource executive: “I’ve probably spent more time talking with oil company executives about the energy shift and renewables in the last 2 years than the previous 23 put together.” Curious yet? In my recent blog, To Be Bearish or Bullish: Big Oil & Gas Investing Billions in New Energies, I cover (1) investments of the top four companies putting their money where their mouth is, (2) reasons that this time is different than the same trend 10+ years ago, (3) who the winners and losers might be whether you’re an investor or entrepreneur, and (4) how to convert gasoline into high grade cobalt in your backyard. (Pop quiz: Which one of those statements doesn’t belong?)

Why Small Size Matters:
The Sleeping Giant of Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Aggregation

  • C&I solar consumption should be easy “like a mutual fund or bond purchase,” according to LevelTen, a renewable energy aggregation and transaction platform, which raised $20M in its Series B last week. With over $1B in renewables processed for Fortune 500 companies, they are charting a path much different than the historical “large project + large utility buyer model.” The key seems to be software (vs. high legal fees), transparency (vs. opaque bilateral agreements), and customization (e.g., project risk, price, location). Sounds like a recipe for success in other niche plays, too. — Source: Greentech Media (Emma Foehringer Merchant)


We Think Too Much:
Infographic for Managing 36,000 Decisions per Day

  • Research says that we make 10,000 to 40,000 decisions each day. (I must be asleep at the wheel because I’m unaware of 95% of them.) That excess leads to a decrease in critical thinking. Our brains are simultaneously exhausted while being asked to run never ending sprints. This infographic from HubSpot and Mint provides 9 tips for getting a handle on decision fatigue. My tip #10 would be this: Be boring. Wear the same clothes and eat the same foods more often. Relish in routine so you have bandwidth for the few exciting (big) decisions.

Text-to-Speech Magic:
Addressing Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, or Time Management with “Speechify”

  • You gotta watch this video of Speechify’s founder telling his story. Challenged by his own dyslexia, he taught himself to code and built his own app to convert any text online into the voice — sped up or normal speed — of an American, British, male, female, or Dothraki. (I exaggerate slightly.) I want the kind of testimonials he gets: “It’s only been five minutes [using your app], but I think I love you.” Powered by AI and a 20-something who cares about building something that matters to millions. This is the kind of entrepreneurship I want to teach the next generation.

For More Information:

INVESTMENT BANKING| Renewable Energy, Cleantech, Smart City, and Mobility — www.ironoakenergy.capital

MASTERMINDS & EXECUTIVE EDUCATION | Renewable Energy, Startups, & Impact Investing — www.investforimpact.academy

Chris Wedding, PhD

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